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Our mission is to provide affordable, flexible access

to the most advanced, secure and easy-to-use eCommerce Registraiton Platform... for events, programs, camps and promotions.


Golf EMS Pricing components:


One Time System Set-Up Fee: $499.00

This is a one time, non-recurring fee that covers: 

- hard costs of a new account activation on the system

- simple set-up procedures for your online account and event-management dashboard 

- 1 initial reconciliation-training demo; any ongoing staff training needs

- Ongoing set-up support


Per Transaction Convenience / Handling Fee: $2.95

Golf EMS is a transactional fee service, there are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees.

(per-transaction pricing does not include standard processing fees via your Credit Card Processor service)


How does the 2.95 Handling Fee work?

This flat fee applies to ALL end-user purchases on the system, keeping per-transaction costs affordable for online users, and easier / more consistent to reconcile for simple club-accounting purposes.


EXAMPLE (for a standard order): 

200.00 Subtotal (Twosome) +

2.95 Golf EMS Handling Fee

= $ 202.95 Check-out price


Customized Online Form Creation 

Choose from our many FREE form templates (for customization), or our affordable, uniquely-customized online forms for special usage, including: external tournaments, internal events, leagues / clinics / camps / academies and memberships. 


For Your Event-Organizer Partners

There is no cost to your tournament or other event partners to use the system for full event management and oversight, in partnership with their host club / venue.

Golf EMS will, upon request, conduct free 20-minute, live/hosted EVENT ORGANIZER Demos to familiarize your tournament partners with use of the platform.